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Immerse yourself in enlightening speaking engagements that delve into the nuances of mental and emotional well-being. Mija captivates audiences with a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and a deep understanding of various therapeutic approaches and alternative healing modalities.

ISPS Conference - Decolonizing Mental Health

This presentation will explore how Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) curricula in CACREP-accredited programs are rooted in a Eurocentric framework. And, since there is typically only one (1) Cultural Diversity class in a CACREP-accredited CMHC curriculum, this Eurocentric framework is rewarded by this accrediting body. Because multiculturalism is not infused centrally into every course throughout CMHC curricula, there is often an unspoken prizing of colonizing themes and practices that support colonizing content and practices that systematically marginalize African diaspora and indigenous cultural healing practices. Therefore, current colonizing themes in CMHC curricula will be explored. To combat the harmful impacts posed by colonizing themes, a decolonizing curriculum will be introduced and discussed in detail from a clinician perspective as well as individual who has lived the harmful experience of colonized mental health themes.

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