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Who You Are: Maximizing Your Potential in the Work of God

God has called each of us to do great things in this world. We are limited only by our understanding of who we are. What does it mean to be the people that God has created you to be? This is a question that needs an answer, and one that can't be answered without looking at what Jesus did. In the Bible, Jesus gives us perfect examples of how we should live life in His name.

What does it mean to be a person of God's work?

This question is a difficult one to answer because as humans, we're limited in what we can fathom as possible. A person of God's work must embrace the ideals that Christ Jesus taught and follow those teachings with their whole heart. While it is impossible for us to understand our full potential, this doesn't mean that we should think of ourselves as insignificant. The people of God's work are those who make a difference in the lives of others and change the world one life at a time.

What is your purpose in life and how can you maximize it?

A dream without a plan is just a wish but a dream without knowledge of self is even more improbable. To be the best version of yourself, you need to know and understand your true purpose. There is no one in this world who can exceed their full potential; we are limited by our understanding of who we were created to be. God has called each person on earth for a special reason that's unique from anyone else.

What are we going to be remembered for when we leave this universe? A question that every one of us is so eager to know. What are you going to do in your time here? This includes not only how you spend it, but also why and with whom, insights about who you are, all that God has called you to do, and how to live out his work today in pursuit of an eternity with Him.

The best way to maximize your purpose is to live in the will of God. It is hard to know what we're capable of, but we can try and expand our potential by reaching for things that we think we know we can do. It's very easy in this world to do what seems "safe," and oftentimes people don't take risks they might otherwise when they feel like they have something to lose. People who live in the will of God are unafraid of taking risks because everything has been given up in favor of serving Him, and they understand that He owns all there is and there's absolutely nothing to fear.

How to become the best version of yourself

Becoming the best version of yourself needs time, hard work, and dedication. Luckily, there are many things you can do to make the process go by a little more smoothly.

  • Spend some time alone. Being around people 24/7 is great for keeping you grounded, but sometimes you need to get away from your friends or family for a while to clear your head. Take some time every day or week to be by yourself. Take a walk, read a book, do yoga…whatever it is that gives you peace in solitude. You may find that when you finally come back to the real world that you have some new insights about yourself and what you want to do in life.

  • Getting connected with your spirituality. Having a strong relationship with God is crucial for maximizing your potential because He has the power to change everything. There are many different ways that people connect with God, but we suggest starting by just talking to Him like He's right next to you. Maybe you can even read the Bible, pray and go to church. These are just some of the many ways that people connect with God so spend some time finding out what works best for you.

  • Begin working on something big right now. As we said before, maximizing your potential takes time but there is no better way to maximize it than by getting your God-given potential put into work.

  • Stay away from negative people. This is a difficult one, but if there are people in your life that constantly bring you down then it's time to cut them from your lives. Negative people have the ability to suck all of the joy out of you and can keep you from doing great things.

Why we should always be striving for more?

God wants us to do enormously great things even greater than what Jesus did. We should not limit ourselves instead push ourselves to be greater. Don't wait until tomorrow to start doing something big. Every day that you put off doing something great is another day that has gone by where you could have been using your potential for God's glory.

We are connected to a supreme being but we often fail to understand how powerful that is as well as our responsibility to live out to our potential.

Our potential is limitless but it can be difficult to recognize that at times. It may seem daunting, but if you just take one step forward every day then eventually you will become who God meant for us to be and your life will have more meaning than ever before.

The importance of being kind and loving towards others, even if they don't deserve it

Kindness is a complicated word. With a broader definition, it means showing love and respect for others. With a more pragmatic definition, it means to make what you have gracious with others.

We believe that with a little bit of time and effort, we can be kinder people. For some individuals, this may come easy while for others it may be difficult.

Here is an example of being kind when someone is in need: when someone comes to you in need then you have the opportunity to offer them your help or show them empathy in some way. If you know someone who has been going through a tough time in life and they don't seem to have any reason for being so sad offer a helping hand or lend a listening ear can be the most powerful way to be kind.

Another example of being kind even if someone doesn't deserve it is to forgive them. Even though they have caused you a lot of pain, there is no way that they can take back their actions. In addition, by forgiving them right away you are letting them know that they have hurt you and that you don't want to be their victim anymore. It also can help heal your pain if you're able to move on from the incident. It is very hard to do but it will be worth it in the end. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you towards the right decision so that you can be kind even if someone doesn't deserve it.

Why is it important that we all do our part to help with the work of God?

You may feel like you don't have a purpose on Earth, but there is nothing further from the truth. There are many ways that we can help with God's work and our contributions do not go unnoticed by Him.

One way to contribute to God's work is through prayer - which some people say does more than anything else in this world.

The Divine made us with a purpose in mind. We can either choose to ignore that or embrace it and do something great with our lives. When we consistently tap into our connection with the divine, we remember how powerful we can be.

Obeying God's will is God's work. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not, it is everyone's responsibility to obey what they feel their higher power is telling them to do so that they can be doing the work of God. Our spiritual growth can be maximized when we do this.

Our purpose is not always going to be obvious and it will take time before we figure out what we are truly destined for. If you spend your time searching, then eventually the right path will present itself and things will make sense in a way that falls into place.

The Holy Spirit can guide us towards many different things that we should do, but ultimately it is up to each individual person whether they listen and follow through or not.

Living a life of God's work means living a life that is purposeful. It means being the best version of yourself and always striving for more. We offer many resources including personal coaching, retreats, workshops, books to help you live your most fulfilling life possible! If this sounds like something you want to explore further but doesn't know where to start or if you have questions about how we can be helpful in any way- please reach out so we can chat. You deserve it!

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